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Yury Kunets is a Russian composer, musician, producer and businessman.


Kunets began composing at a very early age while studying in a public school. The first serious attempts in songwriting were done composing songs for the “Impulse Five” band in the late 80s. From 2004 he was involved in several musical TV projects as a producer. Along with author and director Maxim Kapitanovsky, they created two musical films: “Blame it all on the Beatles” (“Rossiya” state TV channel) and “Don’t Shoot The Musicians” (2007). 


In collaboration with Mikhail Tanich and Kirill Krastoshevsky he composed songs for many artists, including the legendary band Pesnyary, Mikhail Mien and many others.


By 2011 Kunets had accumulated a considerable repertoire of instrumental pieces to record and release. In collaboration with award-winning American conductor Lee Holdridge and Grammy award-winning British recording producer Christopher Alder, he began recording a series of symphonic music albums. A set of piano demos, recorded in Robert Irving’s Los Angeles studio, marked the beginning of a collaboration with Lee Holdridge as an arranger.


The first album was recorded 2011 in Kraków with the Wroclaw Score Orchestra. It was released the same year under the name of “Renaissance”. After receiving positive reviews, Kunets decided to continue recording the series with Holdridge and Alder. By the end of 2014 he had recorded several new compositions in Warsaw. The Sinfonia Varsovia Orchestra and the Warsaw Philharmonic Choir are featured on the recording, which took place in Polska Radio Studio 2 and culminated in the second album, called “Dedication”. For his latest album "Reflection", Kunets once again collaborated with Holdridge and Lee to create an unique nature-inspired sound. "Reflection" was recorded with the Munich Symphony Orchstra and released in June 2019.


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Orchestrating Yury's very unique and emotional work feels like a tremendous joy. 

Lee Holdridge

Lee Holdridge
Emmy & Grammy-Award-winning composer and orchestrator

Yury's compositions distinguish themselves by being fresh and unexpected . 

Christopher Alder

Christopher Alder
10x Grammy-Award-winning record


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