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Interview with conductor Daniel Kepl

During an online Skype session on January 19 with Daniel Kepl, a professional American conductor, Yury Kunets, a famous Russian composer of contemporary classical music has shared his thoughts and experience of creating music for his albums. This interview reveals some interesting facts from Yury's childhood and his own perspective on music all of which are clearly seen in the symphonic pieces brought together in his albums.

In the course of this interview, Yury Kunets clearly restates one of the famous quotes: "Russian heart needs great melodies" which plays an important role in his life. Born in Ukraine before moving and settling in Europe since his childhood Yury was always surrounded by music, and for him being a composer means to catch nostalgic and lyrical melodies of the heart that are deeply rooted within human nature. Folk music which is a huge part of Ukrainian culture inspired Yury not as much as jazz motives elements of which are visible in Kunets career. He says, The Beatles and Rolling Stones are those bands that served as a clear examples of all the jazz elements in his music.

"Every musical piece that comes out to see the world is inspired by the reality and people I am surrounded by"

Since then Yury Kunets has started to create his own music which led to writing his first album 'Renaissance'. During the interview it has known that each composition in this first album was meant to unveil an original yet creative story that has to do with real life. Every musical piece that comes out to see the world, he says, is inspired by the reality and people Yury is surrounded by. For example, 'Ellegia' is dedicated to Yury's wife. "I wanted to express her personality and our life story through this music as well as in another piece dedicated to my daughter".

Another composition that was thoroughly discussed is 'Forest' that found its inspiration in the forests' loudness and nature as a whole. Forest, Kunets states, is a sensitive organism with different shades and therefore rich with its sound and colourfulness. The discussions then moved forward to Yury's acquaintance with Lee Holdridge who Kunets worked with while creating music for his album 'Reflection'. They understood each other very quickly, and Holdridge was amazed by the simplicity and easiness that can be found in Yury's art. They both loved and appreciated the universality of all languages and communicated mostly via music that is a language by itself.

In 2019 Yury was working on the musical video for his single 'Inspiration' where female figure plays an important role. While watching this video you can trace the subtle relationship between the woman and the surrounding world that focuses on every bit of inspiration in our daily lives supported by romantic yet symphonic piano background. In the same album 'Reflection', 'Caprice' is one of those pieces that emotionally changes from other tracks. Yury describes it by reflecting his own nature and personality as well as other human beings which is not static and is subject to change. "This mood is just like weather: storms and sunshine", says Yury.

"There is always hope for peace"

Another piece that finds roots in human nature is 'Fairy Tale' which sends a positive image of hope and belief in miracles. "There is always hope for peace," explains Kunets. Yury believes there is a big scope of work in front of him, and one of his big wishes is to create music for ballet or a movie since his music is very cinematic. "There is much more in front of me, and I am just in the begging of my career path", he adds.

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