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Updated: Jan 7, 2020

As some of you know I started to make music at a mature age, but I first experimented

with composition when I was five. Still, I always wanted to come up with something of my

own – something unique and individual. So, I began to compose.

Every piece of music I write is a life story, my inner philosophy, my observations of nature

and people. These themes run throughout my works.

Sometimes the melody suddenly materialises and plays on repeat in my mind until I sit at

the piano and let it all pour out onto paper. The result is a complete piece of music! I also

like to purposely think at the piano sometimes, play something, express through music

what happened to me or what I saw once and what made an impression on me.

Impression most often has its roots in inspiration which is in my opinion, is a spiritual,

emotional lift, a kind of magic. And there are much more possibilities in symphonic

performance, a wider range of sounds, and when you are writing a new piece of work, you

imagine these sounds, instruments. But to write is only one part of the story, then comes

the arranging, the recording with the orchestra, the album release, the promotion and so


In my music I aim to preserve my heritage and Russian roots and thus my cultural spirit

through timeless classics and symphonic and lyrical melodies. My symphonies mirror my

feelings, philosophical reactions, and emotional being at a particular time in my life. Little

stories about human existence, always in connection and surrounded by nature are being

preserved in my compositions to give it their sustainable character.

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